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Tales Ratings

a tales of series stamping community

Tales of Series Stamping Community
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Ever wanted to know whether the sword or the staff was for you? If you should dye your hair red? If blasting people with meteors and tidal waves was your true calling? If Inferia Castle was more comfy than Max Castle?
Then this is the place for you. It's simple: fill up your application, let others ponder your case, and you can go home with a pretty stamp claiming who you are in the wonderful world of Tales.
Of course, the more people the more fun, so vote on your fellow members too, for the greater good, the safety of the world, and the power of Peach Pie.

If you have any question, you can contact one of the mods by pm C:
1. No Bashing/Flaming/Trolling is allowed.
2. You must be a member of this community to vote or send an application.
3. You must vote for at least 3 applications before you post your own.
4. You can vote on someone by dropping a comment on his/her application entry. And please bold your vote. You don't have to state the reason but it is encouraged to do so.
5. Put your application under an LJ-cut.
6. Try to be honest about yourself when filling the application form. No cheating for getting what you want.
7. Tag properly (for your new application: !needs vote).
8. You'll be stamped by a mod after your application has received 5-10 votes or more (when it does, please change the tag to !needs stamp).
9. Please upload the stamp to your own server.
10. If you're not satisfied with your stamp, then re-apply again a week after you're stamped (and state so in your new application).
11. To prove you have read the rules, put the name of any hi-ougi as subject; and do not member-lock your entry, please.
12. If there aren't enough applications to vote on, post anyway and edit your post when there are.
13. Lastly, enjoy! We don't want you to feel caged :]
001; matchmaker
002; mirror
003; voice
004; rm2 class
005; best friend
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